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Realizing that women are the core of any community, it is our mission to build local communities that have well-educated, strong, and self-confident women of all ages who are well prepared to face the dynamic future we will live in. 


For this reason, girls and young women are the primary focus of everything we do.


We will build communities in such a way that our programs can be scaled up and used in other communities across larger areas in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa. 

We do this, not because it is easy, but because it is hard!


It is our objective to develop young women to become role models for others and thereby amplify the impact of our endeavors. We can't afford to regret in the future that we didn’t do everything possible today to touch the life of a girl or a woman whom we could have helped.


Healthy Lives
of Women

We provide information/education material in all formats (books, pamphlets, website, videos, blogs, articles, speeches) about:

  • sexual health/hygiene (menstruation, reproduction, and contraception)

  • healthy life styles (nutrition, exercise, smoking, drugs, etc)

  • menopause

  • endometriosis

  • climate/environment awareness

  • procure products that support the above initiatives

Education &

Money spent on education and literacy are not costs; they are investments. Ignorance is a cost!

Therefore, we work to improve education and literacy through

  • building libraries where need exists

  • procuring non-fiction and fiction books to class rooms and local libraries 

  • advocating for programs and funding that enhances education/literacy at the local, regional and national level

  • working with any organization who share the ambition of raising literacy across the country, incl. organizations who donate books in all categories

  • working with organizations who support this initiative through funding.

Mentoring Strong Confident Woman

Empowering girls and young women is a central part of our mission. We are speakers/communicators/facilitators of issues pertaining to:

  • rights of any individual in families, relationships, community, and in society

  • self-esteem, dignity, and identity

  • counseling young mothers (and procure needed products for the mother and child)

  • mentoring/tutoring students at all educational levels

  • teaching, guiding, and working with women who aspire to engage in a craft and/or start a small business.


Get to Know Us

Emily Khalayi Wekulo - a high school teacher, activist, and writer - founded Kay Foundation as an NGO in 2019 in Baringo, Northwest of Nairobi. The activities of the Foundation were

  1. Academic Consultancy. This has been an ongoing activity rooted in the owner’s teaching profession. We helped low-achieving students perform better through guiding, mentoring, and counseling.

  2. Young Mothers Empowerment. We helped teen mothers who dropped out of school because they got pregnant and were often forced into marriage despite lack of resources for themselves and their babies. We attempted to do financial projects with them and sponsored them to start small businesses so they could cater for themselves and their babies till they got back on their feet, could afford nannies, and could go back to finish their studies. 

  3. Menstrual health. Some girls have never seen a pad in their life. To prevent them from skipping school when they have their periods, we supplied sanitary towels for free to young girls.

This NGO was dissolved when Emily moved to West Pokot in 2021, but Kay Foundation is being rebuild with new management and business partners (nationally and internationally) based on all the programs of the past.

Kay Foundation will be fully established as an NGO when all the paperwork has been completed. In the meantime, the organization will operated under the name of Kay Management.






Emily is a high school teacher in English literature and English (2010-2023). As a Life Coach, her focus is on empowering women in local communities, teaching them practical skills that sustain and make them be independent. Emily is interested in emerging technologies as a critical factor in developing local and national communities.

Emily is a published author of three novels and two non-fiction books to be released (2023), as well as numerous articles. To see more, go to the Publication tab in the main menu.



Chairman of the Advisory Board

Torben is a native Dane, with a 30-year executive career in health care and  biotechnology in Europe and the USA.

He formed his consulting business in USA in 1991. In the past decade, his activities have focused on young people’s activism. He’s a member of the global think tank Millennium Project and of Nordic Bildung. He was a Goodwill Ambassador for Copenhagen/ Denmark for 16 years.

Torben is the author of three non-fiction books about dementia, six novels, and  hundreds of articles on social issues.



Member of the Advisory Board

Lilian's passion is tourism/traveling as an enrichment factor in people’s lives. She is the co-owner of Kendirita Tours and Travels Company. She is also CEO of  Come Travel Kenya.

Lilian serves as secretary to many NGOs, including the YMCA of Kenya.

Lillian is a philanthropist and an activist for women's financial empowerment. 

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 1.21.28 PM.png


Member of the Advisory Board

Juliet is a research,  policy and outreach agent on issues of Education and Qualifications in the Kenyan Education Sector.
As a lifelong education promoter, Juliet is passionate about empowering women and girls on all matters related to their education and future professional life.



We are currently engaged in funding three young girls with very specific needs:

#1: A high achieving Form 3 girl whose ambition is to become a doctor. Her family cannot afford to keep her in her boarding school. We have provided funds for 2023/24 but are looking for additional funds for 2024/2025.

Contact us in the form below.

#2: An outstanding student with a rare eye condition that may soon cause blindness. We have provided funds for  initial treatment for her and for the stem cell treatment she needs to save her vision. We need funds for continued treatment.

Contact us in the form below.

#3: A high rated student who has no funds to continue her schooling unless funds beyond what we already have provided, are raised.

Contact us in the form below.


#4: Many boarding school students have no sleeping quarters and sleep on the floor in the classrooms. We have identified a strong, sturdy, fold-out/down "cardboard bed" that is adequate for this purpose., We already work with a local boarding school and hope we can supply beds in 2024.

Contact us in the form below.

#5: Under our MHM (menstrual hygiene management) project, we provide sanitary products to many young girls who cannot afford the most basic product. We always need support for this products, either products or funds for us to buy products for the girls.
We work on getting local and state legislators interested in "Period Poverty" projects known from other countries.
Contact us in the form below.


We seek collaboration and/or joint ventures with any individual, private, or public organization that share our objectives and would like to play an active role in our programs.

You can contribute in many ways . . .

  • offering goods or in-kind services that we can use in advancing our programs

  • volunteering in any of our programs

  • donating on a one-time or ongoing basis

  • sponsoring specific events

Equally important:

Please refer us to individuals, organizations, and companies whom you work with/for or know of and who have resources and ideas that can advance our programs.


We credit all supporters in our promotional material and/or our website (subject to your approval).

We look forward to hearing from you.

You can make a one time donation or make ongoing donations.


Donate with PayPal , click below

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By Nov 1, 2023,  1 US$ = 155 KES

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